Things you and your family can do in NYC as it reopens

The pandemic has challenged New York’s medical capacity and the city that never sleeps, or the greatest city in the world, closed itself off to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Many New Yorkers resorted to working from home. Although it was an anxiety-ridden time, there were some blessings too, as families got to spend more time together. Now that New York is slowly opening itself up again, here are the things you can start looking forward to with your family.

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Since the pandemic began, access to food has been limited since some stores closed. The good news is that some farmer’s markets have begun operating in July and are selling fresh fruit and vegetables to New Yorkers. The Domino Park Greenmarket has begun selling again between Kent Ave. and River Street. The Hattie Carthan Community Market also opened its doors and can be found in Brooklyn.

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Drive-in entertainment, thought to be a relic of the past, re-emerged, thanks in large part to the need for social distancing. The Festival of Cinema and The Bel Aire Diner will provide your family with entertainment as long as you’re all cloistered in your vehicles. The Festival of Cinema showed animated films last October 3.
Finally, the Bronx Zoo, the Queens Zoo, and the New York Aquarium are now open for the public to visit. Please make sure to follow social distancing and hand sanitizing guidelines in these establishments.

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Summertime fun on the lake with the pontoon

Joseph Cianciotto knows that summers spent with family are the best ones. In fact, one of his most unforgettable experiences was renting a pontoon and going out on a lake with his wife and kids.

For those who do not know, pontoons are boats that can hold a number of passengers and are perfect for lakes or other bodies of water that are still.

In today’s blog, Joseph Cianciotto talks about how families can have fun on pontoons.

Attach a slide to the side of the pontoon.

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When you attach a slide to the side of the pontoon, it instantly becomes an extremely fun vessel. It’s a good thing most pontoon makers know this and have optional slides that can be affixed to the side of the boat. Inflatable slides are also a good option.

Bring along some fishing equipment.

In most places where pontoons venture, there are fishes that bite hooks. And while not as exhilarating as sliding down the side of the boat, fishing can be incredibly relaxing, and perfect for a quiet afternoon where kids learn how to cast that line.

Have breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Depending on the time of day, a pontoon is an excellent place to have one’s meal. As Joseph Cianciotto has mentioned many times in the past, there’s no meal better than a meal with your loved ones.

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Teaching life lessons to children

In a fast-paced society, it is easy to be overwhelmed with old and new information. Parents may be losing their children to their friends, schoolwork, play, and other activities. Quality time may be a little bit challenging to have as kids mature. In this post, Joseph Cianciotto shares a few life lessons parents should teach their children while they are young.

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Honesty is the best policy. The value of honesty may decrease as people age. Sometimes, people lie to protect someone they love. However, lying is never correct and should never be encouraged. Teaching the value of honesty to kids requires a parent to explain the consequences of lying. Also, parents must model honesty and integrity to their children.

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Managing money does not have to be something a person encounters when they are old. Parents must instill proper stewardship and frugality in their children while they are still young. Giving kids a favorable head start in managing their money, they will grow up to be responsible instead of wasteful. Good manners never go out of style. These make up the backbone of relationships that are strong and full of respect. Children learn to be loving, kind, and considerate to others when their parents model good manners around them.

Joseph Cianciotto reminds his readers to encourage their children to love learning. Learning is a lifelong journey and must be full of joy. Parents can instill a love for learning by teaching kids through music, art, sports, and other fun activities.

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How to teach your children about social issues

There have been several reports in America where parents are upset when teachers educate students on social issues. According to these parents, teachers should stick to the subject of what they are being paid to teach and nothing else. But as parents, they too are duty-bound to teach their kids about certain social issues such as race, inequality, privilege, justice, and morality. Joseph Cianciotto claims that children will eventually encounter these social issues later on in life, so parents should prepare them for it. Here are ways how you can teach social issues to your children.

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Use literature

There is a lot of children’s literature that may seem like a typical tale, but they can be used to help teach and explain specific social issues. Stories like “Dumbo” or “The Ugly Duckling” could be used to explain why people discriminate against those who are different. Likewise, the “Pied Piper” can be used to explain justice. Today, there are several children’s books that are made specifically to explain and teach current social issues to children.

Invite your children to watch the news

Whenever you and your spouse is watching the news, and your child likes to watch along, you could give your own commentary on social issues being reported, especially if you feel like the topic would one day affect your child or children. Just make sure that you know what to teach your child. And if they have questions, treat them like adults who are simply seeking information.

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Initiate the conversation

There will come a time when children will be grown up enough to know certain aspects of life. Whether it’s the birds and the bees, sexual orientation, or even social topics like racism, you have to set the tone for a serious conversation. According to Joseph Cianciotto, this will help strengthen your bond as a family while learning more about the real world.

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How to balance family and work tasks while sheltering in place

Sheltering in place seems to be the best option for many folks as the world tries to address the ongoing health crisis. While many people have gone back to work, some are still working from their homes. Family man Joseph Cianciotto understands the plight of parents who are working from home. He shares some tips that will allow adults to balance their family and work tasks.

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Create a schedule for everyone

Establishing an individual and a family schedule will help the family find a sense of normalcy during these trying times. This will also allow parents to set aside enough time for their work, their responsibilities at home, and even their personal downtime. For the kids, giving them a schedule for study and play will allow them to make the most out of their day.

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Let the kids understand

Communication is key. The new dynamics at home can be explained simply to school-aged children. For those who have toddlers, giving them visual cues such as a sign at the door or a small flag at the desk will let them know that it’s office hours. Joseph Cianciotto shares that kids can be very accommodating once they are made to understand what their parents must do.

Don’t forget ‘me time’

Staying at home the whole day with the entire family can be quite stressful. While trying to balance family life and career, one shouldn’t forget to leave some moments during the day to be alone. Whether it will be a time to get a power nap, read a book, or watch an episode of a favorite show, having an uninterrupted alone time will help a person relax and recharge before they face their responsibilities.

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Quarantine activities: Fixing up the homestead

While Joseph Cianciotto has been following lockdown protocols to the letter to ensure the safety of his family, he has also been in touch with family, friends, and colleagues during this trying time. He has learned that even at home, many of his loved ones have kept themselves busy with family activities, home-based work, supplemental learning, and fixing up their homes.

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Having been interested in DIY home repair for the longest time, Joseph has decided to read up on it and share a few important tidbits on the matter. For today’s blog, he focuses on some of the more urgent areas of the home that may need repair – by urgent Joseph means that these areas may be potentially hazardous given certain conditions.


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One of the most important areas that are often overlooked by homeowners are windows. Problems with windows can prove to be very troublesome, especially in cities and towns that experience a lot of rainfall. Cracks on the most common go-to places at home such as the stairs and washrooms also need to be studied. These are just some of the examples of areas that may need some work.

However, Joseph Cianciotto mentions that many of the things in a home that need repair may require professionals. In that case, it may be best to wait until the lockdown is over. Until then, he recommends that dads inspect their homes, make a list, and work on the areas that are manageable.

Joseph Cianciotto currently resides in Long Island, New York with his wife Jen and two daughters. Visit this blog for more articles about family and parenthood.

Simple family activities that can be done inside the home

During this trying time, Joseph Cianciotto urges people to stay at home as much as possible and leave only when necessary. The COVID-19 virus is extremely contagious, and it can spread at home faster than anyone can notice. It is a good thing, however, that many families all over the world are taking quarantine protocols to heart and staying inside their homes.

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For this blog, Joseph discusses a few simple family activities that can be done together, activities that families may have taken for granted before being asked to stay indoors.

Breakfast and lunch: For many families, dinner was the only time everyone could sit down and catch up. And that does not even happen all the time. Some nights, everyone is too busy doing other stuff. However, circumstances being as they are, families can now sit down together during all three meals of the day and talk about all the things important to them.

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Back to books: Joseph Cianciotto believes that even when in quarantine, children may still prefer to be at the mercy of their electronic gadgets than anything else. For kids who are still quite young, parents can schedule storytelling time. They can read from books and have their children read on their own as well.

Reorganization and redecoration: One of the most fun activities families can do together is plan a reorganization of furniture and execute it. This project may take a few days, but that is part of the fun. It may require supervision, especially since there are always fragile objects nearby, but it is quite enjoyable with the payoff more than satisfying.

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How motivational speeches can help children

Parents know that motivating children to do important things can be a tricky task. Joseph Cianciotto today focuses on one method that may be of big help – speeches.

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While inspiration speeches have been known to motivate thousands upon thousands of people in the past, using the same tactic on children hasn’t been fully explored – yet. However, more and more parents have noticed that motivational speeches, when delivered in a way that children can relate to, can work wonders. They can both foster curiosity and creativity and guide children to see the positive things about life.

There are of course a few things parents have to consider for their speeches to work on children.

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First, parents should use themselves as examples in these speeches. After all, they’re everything to their kids. At this point in their lives, children would always want to be their parents or at the very least, like them. So, a speech which features the parents being victorious against a messy home may be appreciated by children.

Speaking of being victorious, children love speeches where they can imagine winning. Whether it’s a race or against an army of monsters, parents can gear their motivational speeches towards house tasks as ways to emerge triumphant. Not only does this get the blood pumping in children, it also fosters creativity, Joseph Cianciotto adds.

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Great sci-fi and fantasy films for the entire family

Joseph Cianciotto believes that family time is important. It’s a great practice to have at least two hours a week for family movie night. And with all the classic, well-made sci-fi fantasy films throughout history, parents will never run out of options.

On that note, here are some of the best sci-fi and fantasy movies that both parents and children will enjoy.

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The Neverending Story: There was just a certain charm about films released in the ‘80s that bring families together. “The Neverending Story” is one of these films. It touches on important issues on childhood such as depression, bullying, fighting for what is right, and more.

The Flight of Dragons: “The Flight of Dragons” is a classic by all standards. It’s an animated movie whose adventure looks very much inspired by “The Lord of the Rings.” A colorful tale that merges both real and magical worlds, this is a movie that kids will want to see over and over again.

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The Incredibles: Much more recently, Disney’s “The Incredibles” and its sequel hit it big at the box-office, and for a good reason. Not only was it a hilarious take on superheroes, but it also reflected a lot of real family situations handled by real people, which many people, young and old, can relate to.

Harry Potter: The Harry Potter movies are excellent. However, Joseph Cianciotto believes that these may be for children who are a bit more mature. While the Hogwarts is a magical place filled with wonder and adventure, the story can take pretty dark turns, which children may not appreciate.

Joseph Cianciotto currently resides in Long Island, New York with his wife Jen and two daughters. Visit this blog for more articles about family and parenthood.


PSA: Important facts parents need to know about cyberbullying

As a father, Joseph Cianciotto knows all too well that being a parent isn’t all fun and games. A huge part of the responsibility is knowing when something’s not right with the kids and how to make things a little better. This is why he shares some of his experiences with parents everywhere through his series of blogs.

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For this blog, Joseph Cianciotto explores the travesty that is cyberbullying and its potentially disastrous consequences on the lives of children and teens.

For people who believe that cyberbullying isn’t worth noticing, studies have shown that it is one of the leading causes of depression in people, especially teens and young adults. Law enforcement across the country have deemed cyberbullying to be a crime.

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The fact is far too many children, and teens live in the virtual world more than in the real one (which is another issue that parents have to contend with). And to be victims of cyberbullying is the same as living in fear of bullies in the real world as well. Cyberbullying can destroy a person’s mental and emotional well-being, especially one who still has yet to develop their sense of self. This is why teens and children are most vulnerable – they lack the maturity to take a lot of things in stride.

Because of this, Joseph Cianciotto urges parents everywhere to check in on their children now and then to make sure everything is okay.

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